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21 Organizations Support the TELE-MED Act of 2015

Contact: Katherine Weekley

21 Organizations Support the TELE-MED Act of 2015

On August 11, 2015, 21 organizations sent letters of support to the House and Senate sponsors of the TELEmedicine for MEDicare (TELE-MED) Act of 2015.

The TELE-MED Act of 2015 would expand access to care by allowing Medicare physicians to treat Medicare beneficiaries regardless of location without going through the burdensome and expensive process of obtaining multiple state licenses.

The organizations stated the legislation “is a strong step towards better access, quality, and more affordable care via telehealth.”

For more information on the TELE-MED Act of 2015 or Health IT Now’s telehealth efforts, please contact Catherine Pugh at

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