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Schilling: Telemedicine’s time is now in the Central Valley and beyond

On 8/26, Steve Schilling, CEO of Clinica Sierra Vista, a community health center in California, had an op-ed published in the Fresno Bee:

Elena Rios: Why Americans need telemedicine

On October 23, an op-ed from Dr. Elena Rios, President and CEO of the National Hispanic Medical Association ran in the Orange County Register:

“Improving healthcare for seniors through telemedicine” by Former Rep. Bill Gradison

Improving healthcare for seniors through telemedicine

By former Rep. Bill Gradison (R-Ohio) – 10/18/13

Nowadays we can use our mobile devices to go almost anywhere, which has been a great advantage for many senior citizens.

TELE-MED Act of 2013 Q and A

Have questions regarding the TELE-MED Act of 2013? Answers can be found here.

TELE-MED Act of 2013 Section-by-Section Analysis

A section-by-section breakdown of the TELE-MED Act of 2013 can be found here.

Telehealth Talking Points

Patient Safety and Regulation Recommendations January 2013

“Cut the red tape tying up e-medicine” Randy Milch, Politico, 01 25 13

Cut the red tape tying up e-medicine
Politico by Randy Milch (Executive Vice President of Public Policy & General Counsel, Verizon)
January 25, 2013

In this country, we spend $3 trillion a year on health care — almost 20 percent of gross domestic product with such costs rising at more than 5 percent a year.

In Medica Releases New Study “Telehealth to Reach 1.8 Million Patients by 2017”

“In 2012 there was estimated to be 308,000 patients remotely monitored by their healthcare provider for congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, hypertension and mental health conditions worldwide. The majority of these were post-acute patients who have been hospitalised and discharged.

FCC Announces $400M Healthcare Connect Fund

On Monday, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced that there will be upwards of a $400 million Healthcare Connect Fund. The FCC’s new Healthcare Connect Fund will spur the build out of broadband networks to support telemedicine. This will help connect rural clinics and providers to urban medical hubs and allow for immediate access to EHRs.

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