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The Digital Road to Recovery: A Stimulus Plan to Create Jobs, Boost Productivity and Revitalize America

by Robert D. Atkinson, dadaniel castro and Stephen J. Ezell
January 2009

Letters of Support

Sen. Warner Letter to HHS on Meaningful Use

Senator Lamar Alexander “Dear Colleague” Letter
May 16, 2008


Governors support Heath IT

Governor Napolitano of Arizona
March 28, 2008
Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana
February 20, 2008
Governor Christine Gregoire of Washington
February 20, 2008
Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas
January 31, 2008

Previous Letters

Here you can find a list of letters to Congress sent by Health IT Now! coalition members.


Senate Hearing Transcript


before the

One Hundred Eleventh Congress


January 15, 2009

Hearing on Investing in Health IT: A Stimulus for a Healthier America

Edward Kennedy (MA)
Christopher Dodd (CT)
Tom Harkin (IA)
Barbara A.

Federal Agencies’ Experiences Demonstrate Challenges to Successful Implementation

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