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“Cut the red tape tying up e-medicine” Randy Milch, Politico, 01 25 13

Cut the red tape tying up e-medicine
Politico by Randy Milch (Executive Vice President of Public Policy & General Counsel, Verizon)
January 25, 2013

In this country, we spend $3 trillion a year on health care — almost 20 percent of gross domestic product with such costs rising at more than 5 percent a year. At the same time, the state of Americans’ health has declined by almost 70 percent compared with the 1990s, with life expectancy now shorter than virtually any other developed country in the world.

The fact that costs are up and health care outcomes are down is particularly frustrating because so many of the potential solutions to shifting the “cost curve” and improving and expanding health care options are literally at our fingertips, if only policymakers could address outdated rules from the days when house calls were “mobile health care.”

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