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HIE Backbone for Smarter Massachusetts Healthcare System

Manu Tandon, the Massachusetts chief health IT officer is of the opinion that health information exchanges provide financial sustainability for the system, a key challenge of health information exchanges is funding. Exchanges as the IT backbone for the MA healthcare system provide the stability envisioned by the state’s new cost containment law.

Orion Health is building out phase one of the HIE. This initial step will focus on the technical infrastructure and is set to run by the end of 2012. Subsequent phases will focus on building and integrating healthcare analysis tools and search functions.

The MA cost containment law relies on HIEs to manage costs. In addition, it will create a health information technology council. The council will be a component of the executive office of health and human services. Its function will me be mostly to promote and help design health information exchanges.

“We think that (EHR) adoption rate would be organically pretty high, without the traditional stick of regulations,” said chief health IT officer Manu Tandon.

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