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Interoperability in Practice: How to Integrate Pharmacy and Medical Care to Improve Patient Outcomes

Health IT Now and Prescriptions for a Healthy America invite you to join us for a briefing showcasing the Interoperable Pharmacist Care Planning High Impact Pilot, which has been underway in North Carolina for the past year. Speakers will discuss how data sharing between pharmacy systems and electronic health records can improve health outcomes and lower costs. You will also hear what Congress can do to build off this success and continue promoting interoperability, medication adherence, and improving patient health.

When: July 13th at 3pm

Where: Dirksen Senate Office, Room SD-G50


Refreshments will be served


Joel White, Health IT Now

Sloane Salzburg, Prescriptions for a Healthy America

Troy Trygstad, Community Pharmacy Enhanced Service Network (CPESN USA)

Shelly Spiro, Pharmacy Health IT Collaborative

David Pope, Creative Pharmacist

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