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New IT Platform to help spur Health IT

On March 3, Verizon announced a new IT platform that will help spur widespread adoption of health IT. The new platform enables providers to digitally share and exchange  physicians notes on a secure interoperable platform.

“Pervasive sharing of patient information can save lives, but complex challenges have stood in the way of health IT solutions,” said Peter Tippett, vice president, security solutions and enterprise innovation for Verizon Business.

“The Verizon Medical Data Exchange provides a means to accelerate the sharing of a wide range of digital health information between physicians and health care organizations.¬† Digital record sharing among the entire health information ecosystem can help speed patient diagnoses while enabling health care organizations to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively,” Tippett said.

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Joel White —

This is pretty major news. physician notes provide valuable insight into a patinet’s problems. Sharing of the information in a secure way will help in referrals of care from a primary care physician to a specialist and will promote care coordination. This should also promote the medical home concept, or team approach, to caring for patients, particularly for those with severe and chronic illnesses. Bravo.

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