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Tech giants unite to bolster remote, chronic care services

Two major tech companies, General Electric and Intel, are teaming up to help those suffering from chronic illnesses by delivering healthcare services remotely.

The two companies will utilize telehealth technologies that can reach patients in their own homes or independent living centers. The project aims to reduce health care costs by keeping patients out of hospitals and allowing them to maintain their independence.

“New models of care delivery are required to address some of the largest issues facing society today, including our aging population, increasing healthcare costs and a large number of people living with chronic conditions,” said Paul Otellini, Intel president and CEO in a statement.

“We must rethink models of care that go beyond hospital and clinic visits, to home and community-based care models that allow for prevention, early detection, behavior change and social support. The creation of this new company is aimed at accelerating just that.”

The tech giants hope to launch the new venture by the end of 2010. Further details of the program are available here.

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